Posted by: znewkirk | March 24, 2009

Ian: a new contributor to The Forgotten

Hello, dear reader of Forgotten Films. I am Ian Strope, a reviewer that Zack has recruited into his fold. I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting or just what the nature of my work on this site will entail but for now I’ll give you a sense of my attitude about all things of popular culture.

When I assess the validity of a piece (movie, book, TV, music, fine art, etc.) my rubric for judgment is:

1) How long does consumption of the media require to achieve a sense of fullness? In this I am using a food metaphor and one that rightly places artworks as a product for consumption. I am also realizing that we are all mortal and as such we have a finite amount of time to devote to any pursuit in life. As such if a piece requires less time to consume to fullness then I am less critical of it’s failings and more willing to accept it’s primal achievement of satiation.

2) Does consumption of the media require a specific mood? I am fully aware of my own humanity; as such I can tell that watching a slapstick comedy when I’ve just found out that my cat has feline leukemia (not true just an example) I will give it a less favorable review. As such I will be forthright and honest in mentioning that “I was not in the mood for this” where relevant.

3) Does consumption of the media leave me wanting more or wishing for seconds? In this I am simply determining if I’ll watch it again or if it is the type of genre, style, etc. I would like to see more of in the future.

 4) Are there moments of awe that make the consumption of an otherwise less than appetizing media worth recommending? In this I am talking about the little things. It could be the particular way a character behaves in a scene or how a writer has chosen to solve a conflict in the plot. Ultimately these little things make an otherwise drab piece of media worth recommending.

All of these criteria among other more trivial aspects of critique that I may mention in a specific review are what I will use to to generate a grade.



  1. I look forward to reading your academic musings.

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