Posted by: znewkirk | November 12, 2008

The Forgotten – An Incredible Waste of Your Time


Thanks for coming. You should be doing something else.

Hi, I’m Zack.

In these pages I will be posting rambling, unfunny reviews of older, newer, and hated movies. Those beginning with “Not a New Review” will be older releases deserving of a second look by philistines like you, while those that start “So Bad It’s Good” will let you know which movies are so unintentionally funny that their directors should be examined for forms of autism. Could a mentally handicapped person direct a decent film? It couldn’t be worse than the ham-fisted, Academy Award-winning racism love letter Crash, written and directed by the nearly-mongoloid Paul Haggis, a man otherwise known for creating Walker, Texas Ranger.

Below is my first post, a “Not a New Release” review of 1997’s underrated bear vehicle The Edge. If you have any suggestions for future posts, which will be once or twice a week, Lord willing, comment away.



  1. I’ll take credit for your successes and deny responsibility for your failures. That’s the way I roll.

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